Teeth Whitening

Dental whitening improves the color of the teeth, making them whiter.

Professional oral hygiene

For professional oral hygiene we mean all those dental maneuvers that aim to clean the teeth and gums from tartar and food residues that lead to the formation of caries.

Dental filling

Dental filling is the process of reconstructing the tooth cavity due to caries.

 Dental Implantology

Surgical procedure for placing dental implants in the oral cavity in order to functionally and aesthetically rehabilitate the dental arch.


Functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of the dental arches with the application of teeth reconstructed with aesthetic materials, of excellent quality.


Orthodontics is the movement of the teeth in their most functional and aesthetic position.

Oral surgery

Dental oral surgery includes all the surgical operations performed in the oral cavity.


Endodontics consists in taking care of the endodont, that is the sealing of the canal present inside the root of the tooth.

Dental Aesthetic

All the prosthetic procedures aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance of the patient's oral cavity are part of dental aesthetics.


Periodontology treats diseases of the gums and the periodontium.

Dental Radiology

In support of dental care, intraoral radiographs are performed to better evaluate the pathologies to be treated.


Branch of the medicine that studies and analyzes the muscular relationships in balance between them and in certain algic pathologies, derived from an incorrect postural setting.